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Jeff Dungate, Simon Hughes, Gilmore, Gus, Fabe Sylvester, Mick Nichols, Pete Griffin

Clint Bouchez, Dave Wade, Andy Beer, Tony Pederick, Dave Fournell, Tim Bellars

Nutfield Vets first ever game will be played against Warlingham on Sunday 15th  December 2002 at the Memorial pitch High street Nutfield k.o. 1.30.

Result: Nutfield 3 Warlingham 0

                                                 Scorers: Tim Bellars, Mick Nichols, Pete Griffin


Sutton Vets  7  Nutfield 3  26.01.03    scorers Griffin, Nichols 2


In the meantime a blast from the past, how many do you recognize?

I can name that team, great team that it was won the Senior cup final ,
that night @Horley 3-2 AET

Dane, Clint, Fabian (not paying attention as usual) Mick, Mick, Tim, John
Doctrove, Tom Quirke

Steve Pettitt, Simon (where's all that hair gone) Laurence Foot, Michael
Harry, Gavin, Dave , Flute.

The little mascot no not Laurence is Jonathan !

Love Clint


And still further back!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is front left, is it young Perkins? Season 89/90

picture courtesy of Simon Parnell